After completing an apprenticeship in North Carolina, Nate and Hallie set up their pottery in Northeastern Iowa.
They produce functional, woodfired stoneware and porcelain pots.
The pots are glazed with indigenous clays, granite dusts
and wood ash and then fired for four days in an anagama-style kiln.

If you are looking for different to read, check out Rosebud magazine.
Put together by my friend, Rod Clark,
it is a great collection of short fiction and poetry put out quarterly.
Check them out online and then order a subscription!

Starting out in Illinois, going to school in Indiana and teaching in Iowa, Rick has set up shop here in Johnson Creek,
He makes  gas fired  functional pottery with the occasional large sculpture.
His forms are simple and have a
 comfortable feel to them.

This is a collection of Pottery related links to Wisconsin.

This is the website of an artist advocate and host a collection of some of America's
finest studio ceramics with and emphasis on vases.